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Customer Benefits

A key strength of Concourse is that user services are completely configurable. As a result, companies can finely tune Concourse services and information access to fit the unique responsibilities and tasks of each user.

Executives & Finance

Because Concourse provides continuous access to current transaction data, a company's executive management team and finance division can proactively monitor their business using current information. They can also make accurate funding decisions and reduce currency float by having a view of the company's current financial settlement positions anytime throughout the day. In addition, a company can create business configurable summaries for ongoing research and analysis. The business information provided by Concourse will help the executive management team address areas of financial risk and leverage areas of revenue opportunity.

IT & Operations

The information technology and operations groups need to ensure that the electronic payment transaction processing infrastructure will cost-effectively address a company's long-term needs. Concourse can be integrated into almost any environment, protecting existing investments in hardware, supporting applications, and resource skills. Concourse's modular design also allows a company to add new business services as they are needed. In addition, Concourse's continuous processing architecture accommodates high volume fluctuations and reduces the risk of missing daily processing windows. Concourse is designed for trouble-free operation with minimal manual intervention. It is a cost-effective back office payment processing solution that adapts to a company's changing needs.

Payment Processing

Financial service companies must be able to process a wide range of electronic payment transactions accurately, reliably, and cost effectively. The Concourse rules-based architecture is a core component that ensures a company can meet these objectives. For example, Concourse makes it easy to invoke custom methods of processing for specific business services, such as settlement processing and fee billing, without the time and expense of custom software. Concourse also enables companies to assess and allocate fees based upon all transaction data elements and configure fee types and rate schedules based on specific business needs. This offers companies optimum flexibility in their pricing schedules as well as the ability to quickly modify fee schedules as business needs change. Due to its continuous processing architecture, Concourse also allows companies to reliably and efficiently complete all components of the payment process including fees, settlement, and disputes processing. In addition, it provides a near real-time view of important transaction data anytime throughout the day.

Client Services

The client services group forms a vital link between a company and its members. With Concourse, client service personnel can have continuous access to current information via a user-friendly browser interface. This allows them to quickly and easily research customer inquiries. In addition, Concourse offers direct client access to the system so a company's clients and members can view their own transaction data at any time. Existing Concourse functionality can directly mirror the hierarchical relationships between a company and its members from both the online reporting and secure data access standpoints.

Network Services

Concourse provides the operational, customer service, and business monitoring features necessary to create effective relationships with external network partners. It accurately tracks all information exchanged with network partners including full transaction, settlement, and adjustment histories. Concourse makes it easy for a company to manage the valuable relationships it has with EFT network partners.

Security & Audit

Concourse is a highly secure web solution that uses SSL encryption and securely generated session ID's. Users are unable to access information to which they have not been granted access. Concourse includes extensive authentications and permissions to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to specific areas of the system. The Concourse logon security manager can be integrated with a company's security services for centralized authentication and sign-on. BHMI has also taken appropriate measures to ensure that Concourse is PCI compliant, including PA-DSS certification.



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