Concourse Financial
Software Suite™
Make Your Back Office Processing
for Electronic Payment Trasactions
Fast & Agile
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Meet Your SLA's
with Timely and Accurate
Settlement Processing
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Quickly Identify Discrepancies
and Automatically Reconcile
Your Transaction Data
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Reduce the Cost and
Complexity of Managing
Chargebacks and Disputes
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Win More Business with
Competitive Fee Schedules
and Commission Programs
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The Concourse Financial Software Suite™ is a powerful PCI PA-DSS compliant back office financial software suite specifically designed to manage electronic payment transactions including credit card, debit card, POS, ATM, mobile, and prepaid. Concourse performs settlement and reconciliation, disputes management, and fee processing. It is one of the most powerful, flexible, and cost effective EFT back office software solutions of its kind.
Concourse Strengths:
Concourse Modules
Concourse — Extended Settlement™ ensures the settlement, clearing, and funds movement of electronic payment transactions.

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Concourse — Reconciliation™ increases accuracy of transaction reconciliation between internal and external transaction data sources.

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Concourse — Disputes™ provides dispute workflow management for payment transactions, including adjustments, chargebacks, and representments.

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Fees & Commissions
Concourse — Fees & Commissions™ automates the assessment and processing of fees including interchange, credit card, ATM, commissions, and rebates.

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